Improving Communities


Social Programs

Social Magna Carta works closely with SKJ Lewis Research Corporation to bring a number of social programs to the community.  These programs are designed to improve those in the community suffering from a number of social issues, they include but not limited to childhood trauma, crime, childcare, addictions and education.

Forest Preservation 

Social Magna Carta is dedicated to forest preservation, we work hand and hand in our communities to help maintain an healthy forest environment.  The following techniques are implemented to meet our mission; Afforestation, Reforestation, Selective Logging and Controlled Burns.

Climate Stabilization

Social Magna Carta works closely with other environmental agency’s to bring awareness and to educate our communities as to the issues we face as a society with regards to current climate issues.  We are also looking at implementing programs within the community to assist with the stabilization of climate.

Wildlife Protection 

Renewable Energy

Sustainable Farming