Computer Services

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We offer a wide range of services at SKJ Lewis specializing in the healthcare and financial industries providing system support and services. With our broad experience in the area of system security and the protection of data gives SKJ Lewis an edge over other IT companies providing similar services.

Workplace Stress Assessments

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In today’s workplace environments, the requirements and stress placed on employees and employers are greater than ever.  With stress, comes the potential for errors and loss of productivity,This is where SKJ Lewis comes in.

We offer a unique Workplace Stress Assessment.  A qualitative method is used to gain in-depth insight into the current working environment and stress factors which can be detrimental to the business’ bottom line.  With the assessment, we will provide detailed reporting and training to management and employees to decrease workplace stress, based upon factors gained from the assessment.

SKJ Lewis uses Workplace Stress Research to explain how stress in the workplace affects society, and how stress reduction methods could play a part in developing solutions to social issues. Workplace Stress Research focuses on many facets and scenarios within a working environment.  This includes physical and social aspects.

IT Security Assessments

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SKJ Lewis uses Information Technology Research to explain how technology affects society and how technology could play a part in developing solutions to social issues.

Our areas of research are related to technological security, including the physical and social aspects, and plays a key role in what we do. The services we offer:

  • IT security audits
  • System vulnerability testing
  • Employee end-user training for computing security
  • System design, with an emphasis on security
  • Computer Services

We use our consulting services to collect non-identifying research data. In return, we offer price breaks for our services to those clients who help us gather the information. Our services are available to government, corporate, and private organizations.

Social Research

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SKJ Lewis is a research corporation focusing on solutions to social issues.
A majority of our projects adhere to the Open Research/Open Data platform. Select privately and government-funded projects are closed.

Our approach is qualitative, a hands-on process of collecting data through surveys, interviews, and observation.

Our vision for open research is to provide a central point of access for collaborators and researchers from around the world. Here, they can share and discuss collected data, observations, periodicals, theory, etc., for selective projects.   The goal of the projects is to develop solutions to the issues facing our society.

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