Childhood Trauma


Healing a traumatized child

Childhood Trauma Project

SKJ Lewis feels the effects of childhood trauma is detrimental to our society as a whole.   Many of those traumatized go on to develop psychological and physical issues, as well as adversely affecting society.

We are in the process of developing a cloud based application and database for this project, we are also working with our Social Magna Carta project team to see how we can best serve our communities as the project progresses.

Project progress and other related information will be presented here on this page.

Stay tuned, for great ideas are becoming reality!


What We Do

Cloud Applications & Databases

SKJ Lewis develops cloud applications and  databases with open access for researchers.  Each project has an online application to input and access data, with specialize reporting capabilities.

Community programs

SKJ Lewis looks for opportunities to develop community programs and we work closely with the Social Magna Carta project to bring these programs to our communities.

Business Services

SKJ Lewis offers low cost services to businesses, we use these services for research opportunities.  We offer a unique Workplace Stress Assessment to gain in-depth insight into the current working environment and stress factors which can be detrimental to the business’ bottom line.

Open and Internal Research Projects

SKJ Lewis initiates collaboration opportunities with researchers world-wide, we also develop internal research projects to address and find solutions to various social issues.