SKJ Lewis Research Corporation

Beyond Standards

SKJ Lewis is a research corporation focusing on solutions to social issues.

A majority of our projects adhere to the Open Research/Open Data platform. Select privately and government-funded projects are closed.

Our approach is qualitative, a hands-on process of collecting data through surveys, interviews, and observation. Our vision for open research is to provide a central point of access for collaborators/researchers from around the world. Here, they can share and discuss collected data, observations, periodicals, theory, etc., for selective projects. The goal of the projects is to develop solutions to the issues facing our society.

Our research results assist us in developing consulting opportunities, which fund our day-to-day operations. Investment in our corporation provides a financial avenue to expand and improve the Open Research vision.

Should there be an interest in joining our organization, contributing, or funding opportunities, pleaseĀ Contact Us.

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